Healing Treatments


An Oriental healing system which aims to remove blockages in energy (Chi or Ki) flowing through the body and promote better health and wellbeing.  Available in salon or by distant healing.

  • £30 per session

Crystal Healing TherapyCrystal healing image

A relaxing healing therapy where crystals are placed on and around the body so that the vibrational energy of the crystals can rebalance and realign the subtle energies in and around the body.

  • £30 per session

Nubian Pyramid Energy Healingnubian-pyramid-healing

Come and revitalise yourself in our Nubian healing pyramid.  A uniquely relaxing form of energy healing.  With its roots in Vedic astrology and numerology, the geometric shape of the pyramid amplifies universal healing energies.  This healing promotes health, abundance and wellbeing.

  • £40 per session

Spiritual Healingspiritual-healing

A relaxing healing therapy where universal energies, which exist in all things, are channelled through a healer.  Promotes better health and feelings of wellbeing.  Available in salon or by distant healing.

  • £30 per session

Vibrational Sound Healingvibrational-sound-healing

Every cell in our body vibrates and resonates with sound.  Sound healing changes the way cells in your body vibrate which promotes both relaxation and healing, boosting vitality for life and overall wellbeing.  Come and immerse yourself in this gentle ancient healing therapy.

  • £40 per session